5 Corporate Entertainment Performances That Can Wow Guests

The fast changing world of corporate entertainment can skillfully be integrated with corporate events to wow guests and leave them requesting for more. Some corporate entertainment ideas that feature performers and amazing effect include:

1.    Lords of Lightning show

Lords of Lightning can be an exhilarating performance for high impact corporate events such as product launches. This stage show features two men dressed in metal suits battling each other with 4 million volts of electricity. The dazzling show is performed in darkness and lightning is the highlight that will leave guests glued to their seats in awe. Your corporate entertainment Sydney planner can organize this show for you in your next product launch.

2.    Water rocket show

This show features daring performers that create amazing aquatic stunts. The performers get immersed in water and are then tossed up to 12 meters high in the air at great speed by special water-propelled jet packs. The stunt performers showcase an array of aquatic acrobatics combined with other effects that will leave your guest audience amazed. This show is suitable for corporate entertainment activities that involve the public and can leave everyone talking about it even after the event.

3.    Mind boggling magicians

You can capture the attention of your guests by bringing to stage a magician or illusionist. A skillful magician can wow guests with a versatile stunts and performing mentalist tricks. This corporate entertainment website is ideal in an evening event and will give the audience a night to remember. Magicians can also include corporate entertainment packages targeted at drawing attention. Such include trade fairs and exhibitions where the performer will draw clients, entertain them and at the same time talk about a company’s product or service.

4.    LED shows

With special LED lighting, performers can showcase your logo, brand or send messages in a visual show. LED droids with the company’s theme colors are very attractive to anyone who walks in the room. A corporate entertainment cork agency can help you arrange for high tech shows that match with the modern trends.

5.    Gravity show

Visual shows that defy the rules of nature like gravity shows are amazing. Gravity shows can feature objects and performers floating in the air while performing acrobatics that seem impossible in the eyes of the audience. Not all acrobats suit in performing gravity shows. An agent with much experience in corporate entertainment jobs can help you find daring and skillful gravity performers that will leave your guests puzzled.

As a general rule, corporate entertainment tax rules should be well understood when planning for corporate entertainment that will meet the events goals and wow the audience without much expense. Choosing professional and reputable corporate entertainment agency to plan for your coming corporate event will ensure that your guests get the best of modern entertainment that will also satisfy the appetite for a wow factor.

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