Corporate Planning

Find the best candidate

Even though there are many talented comedians known to make people laugh to tears, you still need the right one for the right event, audience and environment in general. You might want to find the best clean comedians available in your location by searching for any of their videos available online. Watching the videos of the comedians gives you the best opportunity to narrow down to the talent you need for your professional event. You will be able to confirm how clean the best candidate’s comedy is, and if he or she can make a hard to please audience break into laughter. It is also important to ask the chosen candidate if they have previously entertained the type of crowd you expect to attend your event. Request for contacts of at least three clients the comedian has previously had an engagement with to get their comments.

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Discuss the content or material

Even after narrowing down your choices to consider hiring a certain comedian, you still need to know the kind of material they propose to present at your event. That will be a great opportunity for you to agree with the entertainer on any dos and don’t to make sure the show will be clean. You can tell the comedian if there are certain subjects or people you would not want mentioned.